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Fashion of the Future

Posted on October 15, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Article featured in the Sunday World


Leading the revolution was Palse Homme creator Paledi Segapo, who last season showed off bold black-and-white striped suits, a design recently worn by Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards.


This time Segapo upped his game with a 20-piece Autumn/Winter collection themed Evil Is An Opinion.


He introduced a 3D look for men, featuring bold slimfit silhouettes with clutch bags.


"I know the bags look gay, but I guarantee this look is five years ahead of the trend here in South Africa. Kanye West has one.


"When I showed off skinny pants, florals and three-quarter pants not so long ago, people thought it crazy. Now many men are wearing those items," said Segapo, whose theme was inspired by vampires. "They are scary, but their style is classic and bold and timeless."


He also gave a teaser of what's to come with his new Palse Femme range to be launched next month.


Gert-Johan Coetzee went the hi-tech route with his new collection. His splice photography saw him team up with photographer Nicole Phillips. They set up 40 cameras to click at once from various angles with a mini helicopter shooting in the air.


He also teamed up with the NGO Pink Drive, which raises funds for mammograms for women in rural areas.


"Although it's a winter collection, it's interchangeable for summer with inspiration from delicious fruits like. strawberries," he said of his all-pink collection.


Hangwani Nengovhela of Rubicon showcased A-line flowing garments reminiscent of her heritage. "I was inspired by the story of my grandfather, who rewrote the history of Mapungubwe," she said.


Shaldon Kopman of Naked Ape titled his collection Ethicality, and drew ideas from a trip to Ethiopia.


"One of the relics I found most inspiring was the Ethiopian cross, which exists of thousands of different and elaborate designs.


"These have been a symbol of spirituality on the continent for hundreds of years."


The crosses inspired a print design that featured prominently in the showcase - from the pintuck jacket to the leather trims and ribbing.


"If I could make 'local is lekker' sound sexy, that's what I would call the making of this collection," he said.


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