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Modeling portfolio tips anyone can use to get better photos:

Posted on April 7, 2013 at 1:25 AM


Over the years I have photographed many professional models as well as people starting out; bone structure and body physic is important,yes, definitely, but even those blessed with both of the above and can becomevery un-photogenic very quickly if the points below are missed… The modeling hints and tips below are focused at people wanting to get an initial test shootor modeling portfolio done. An article will be released a bit later on what, in my opinion, makes a good professional model and what I personally look for when booking a model.


1)   Skin and hair care – when booking a shoot, also budget on some skin treatments to get you skin into tip-top condition, agencies and photographers like models with clean, fresh looking skin.  Healthy hair is shiny hair and looks great on camera, make sure your roots and ends are trimmed for the shoot. Gents– have your hair cut about 1 week before the shoot so it has time to settle in.

2)   Nails - unless otherwise directed, French manicure is the way to go. This makes your hands look clean, neat and tidy and is far more appealing in photographs.

3)   Use a professional make-up artist for your portfolio. Photographic make-up is different to applying normal, everyday make-up. In addition to the normal brows, eyes and lips, contouring is used to give yourface more shape and to accentuate certain features and hide others. Thelighting photographers use completely washes normal everyday make-up away, leaving you looking bland and very two – dimensional without a make-up artist’s know how.

4)   Avoid wearing baggy clothes. Agencies want to see your figure. Bring a selection of 10 outfits with to your shoot, varying in colours and textures. An item that might look great on the hanger does not always photograph well. Only bring clothing items that you feel comfortable in.If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, chances are good that thetension will spill over to your photographs. Once you have reached the big time and are being paid to model, it then becomes your job to make anything look good.

5)   Ladies: bring a range of underwear – beige,black and white… seamless and strapless as well. No one likes to see underwearlines or bra straps in photographs, unless the creative direction is specifically headed that way.

6)   Get a good night’s rest. Blood shot eyes, baggyand or droopy eyes do not do anything for you look, and believe me, it shows!

7)   Agencies do not want heavily re-touched andedited images, they want to see skin texture. This is why it is very importantto book a good photographer and make-up artist, so that they can make you upand photograph you in a manner that you look great in-camera and there is no need for heavy re-touching (heavy blurs placed over the images, high contrastetc) to try and “save” the image.


If you have read the above and are keen to find out how ourteam can help you, or to book a test shoot or portfolio shoo, please click here to be directed to the modeling portfolio page.


Happy shooting!


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