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About Us

About us


Studio F/64 Photography was launched in 2006 and caters to advertising, life-style, modeling, product and wedding photography. To date work has been published in many major magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Men's Health, Eat Out, Women and Home,  Golf Digest and the Bridal Directory. Work has featured on Tv commercials as well as Top Billing and has also won Fuji Film Professional Awards, including Gold, Sliver and Bronze.  

Having studied Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria, perusing a career in photography and visual communications was a natural progression for owner and photographer Nicole Phillips.  The studio has consequently grown in size and enjoys the benefits of a highly dynamic and professional team including photography, make-up and hair styling and graphic design.

Client list/ work published for:

Cell C, Liberty Life, Discovery, Nissan, Ford, Ocean Basket, Braza Cafe, SABC 2, Hyundai, Vodacom ,Rooibos, Bondesio Couture, Outdoor Continental Media, Media 8, Barron Clothing, SA on a Plate, KWV Brandy, Benicon, Locnvile, Diahatsu, Top Billing


Situated in Midrand, our spacious, loft style studio will ensure your studio experience is a memorable one.

From single portfolio shoots to large castings, the studio is designed to cater for a range of needs for both photographers and production companies. With full HD 40" monitors available for client viewing, clients are able to see images from the shoot instantly, as they are happening. Our 13m cyclorama curve ensures quick and easy changes from one set to another. Multiple backgrounds and colours are available in studio.


Our board experience covers an array of equipment knowledge and use ensuring the most ideal equipment is used for your shoot. From single camera and multiple camera rigs to Hasselblad medium format photography we aim to meet the demands of the most discerning client.  

Terms of service:

1. Studio f/64 Photography, rents the equipment (as identified on the quote) to the Lessee or renders a service to a client, on the terms and conditions set out herein. It is specifically recorded that no post shoot negotiations with regard to accepted quotations will be entered into.

2.            Rental is charged on a daily basis (at the tariffs set out on the quotation) calculated on 24-hour cycles (or part thereof if agreed to upfront and in writing) from the time that the equipment leaves the rental premises to the time, which it is returned in an undamaged condition. In the case of damage, rental is charged until the equipment is repaired or replaced or until the Lessee pays in terms of point three below. Crew are billed in 8 hour days, standard CPA regulations regarding overtime will apply to all overtime billed, and will be added to the final invoice, unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing and quoted as such prior to the commencement of the shoot. The Lessee/ Production Company specifically agrees that all overtime worked will be paid in full, without deduction or set-off. Weather days (days where crew are unable to shoot due to weather conditions) will be billed at 60% of the daily rate.

3.            The Lessee undertakes sole responsibility of the goods hired as per the above list. All lost, damaged or stolen items are for the account of the Lessee which must be settled on presentation of invoice, without deduction or set-off. In the event that insurance is provided by Studio f/64 Photography, all excesses are payable by the Lessee. The Lessee will be liable for an excess on each item hired.

4.            Collection and delivery of equipment shall be the responsibility of the Lessee within the periods as stipulated above, all such at the exclusive cost of the Lessee. In the event that the Lessee is unable to collect and or deliver equipment, unless otherwise agreed, Studio f/64 Photography, can recover from the Lessee all courier and or transport and or freight costs as well as a handling fee of 10% of the total rental charge for the particular transaction. Unless otherwise agreed upon, delivery and collection of equipment will take place in Pretoria East, Faerie Glen. Risk passes on delivery, and with the Lessee remaining responsible for the return of the equipment in exactly the same condition as when it was collected and or delivered in the first place. In certain instances, Studio f/64 Photography may request a R5000 deposit for rented equipment, which will be refunded on return of the equipment in the same condition as which it left in and when all outstanding amounts have been settled.

5. Studio f/64 Photography rents the equipment to the Lessee on a voetstoots (as is) basis, giving no warranties and making no representations of any nature whatsoever Studio f/64 Photography allows for the equipment to be tested by the Lessee before removing it from the rental premises, Studio f/64 Photography can then not be held liable for any loss or damages whatsoever suffered as a result of malfunctioning or under performance of (any defects in) the equipment. Whilst Studio f/64 Photography takes the utmost care in selecting highly qualified and skilled professionals, Studio f/64 Photography cannot be held liable for under performance or claims against any crew member.

6. The Lessee/ Client indemnifies Studio f/64 Photography against any claims from any third party that may arise from the Lesseeā€™s use or possession of the equipment itself and or crew members, directly or indirectly.

7. All goods remain the exclusive property of Studio f/64 Photography until paid for in full, without deduction or set-off. Any footage used while there is an outstanding account may be liable for a usage charge in addition to the final invoice. Unless otherwise stated, turn around time for images is 10 working days.

8. All footage shot with either Studio f/64 Photography equipment or Studio f/64 Photography crew members remains the exclusive property of Studio f/64 Photography until the final invoice is paid for in full, without deduction or set-off. Any footage used in any form of publication before full payment has been made, will be liable to usage charges in addition to the final invoice. Discounted rates are only applicable if the terms of payment have been strictly adhered to and met. Failure to make payment on the specified date may result in the discounted rate being forfeited. The final invoice is payable no later than the day footage is delivered. Additional admin charges will be added for late payments and handling fees.

9. The accepted quotation is binding to the Lessee and no post production negotiations will be entered into. Additional items or crew requested after the initial quotation has been accepted will be billed for accordingly and added to the final invoice, which is payable on presentation of invoice, without deduction or set-off. Failure of the Lessee/ Client to make payment by a specified date may result in certain equipment being substituted if stock of the specified item is no longer available by the date payment has been made. Final invoice will be emailed before any work is delivered. Any disputes with this invoice must be made apparent before the client accepts any footage or equipment. Acceptance of images or equipment binds the client or lessee to the final invoice emailed/ delivered.

9.1 Any post production done off-set and not specifically quoted on, but is requested by the client, may be billed at a rate of R2000 per hour.

9.2 Booked dates which have been cancelled will be subject to a cancellation fee of 60% if cancelled one week or earlier prior to the booked event and 100% if cancelled any later than 6 days to the scheduled event.

10.            Not with standing anything else herein, and should the Lessee wish to allege that it has a claim against Studio f/64 Photography which it wishes to set off against chargers due in terms thereof, the Lessee specifically agrees that in such circumstances it must first pay the charges due and then sue Studio f/64 Photography should it wish to recover any losses in respect of any such alleged claims.

11.            NON SIGNATURE: It is specifically recorded that, in the event on the Lessee/ Client not signing this terms and conditions agreement of the rental, the Lessee acknowledges by accepting and utilizing this equipment or images or footage shot they accept full responsibility as per terms and conditions of the agreement as herein even though no physical signature is attached to this agreement.

12.            The party signing these terms and conditions and or behalf of the Lessee/ Client, warrants his or her authority to bind the Lessee to this agreement.

13.            The parties acknowledge that this agreement is the whole agreement between the parties, and furthermore no variations or cancellations nor any waivers will be valid unless reduced in writing and signed by the parties stipulated in this agreement.

Photography restrictions:

-Subject matter: Any subject matter which needs to be photographed will be at the sole discretion of the photographer. The photographer reserves the right to decline to photograph any props/ subject matter which he or she deems unlawful, a violation of rights or questionable ethics. This clause refers to, but does not exclude other items, such as fur, sport hunting and certain food products.

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